There are many approaches to psychotherapy, and it is important to find a therapist who is a good match for your needs. My approach is integrative, bringing together a variety of theories, techniques, and empirical research. I most frequently draw from psychoanalytic traditions, which emphasize self-awareness and insight, and cognitive-behavioral (CBT) and dialectical-behavioral (DBT) orientations, which focus on coping strategies, goal setting, and skill building. Therapy is individualized to help you accomplish your goals.

Beyond the specific approaches to therapy, I believe that the most important predictor of successful psychotherapy is the quality of the patient-therapist relationship. My style is active, direct, warm, and collaborative. I believe that trust, compassion, and a sense of humor are critical in creating a good working relationship. I strive to make the therapy room a place where you will be comfortable to speak freely about whatever is on your mind.